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Hot Stone massage course

Available at the following venues:

  • Derby
  • Draycott
  • Doncaster
  • Lincoln
  • Matlock
  • Nottingham

Our Hot Stone course is a wonderful addition to the skills of the therapist. Adding Hot Stone to a massage treatment deepens the relaxation of the client, and the use of gemstones brings in the healing energies of crystals and allows you to work at an energetic level to bring balance to the chakras and enhanced energetic flow.

The hot stone massage course begins when you receive your on-line training manual. Having read through the manual, you will be required to complete an online test paper before attending the two days of intensive training and tuition. During the two practical days, you will be continuously observed and assessed. This allows for the tutor to pick up on anything incorrect and correct them before they become habitual. Everything that you need to carry out the treatments during the training days is provided for you.

This is a post graduate course for qualified therapists. Level 3 in A and P and P is required along with a recognised certificate / diploma in body massage or reflexology

Case studies are not required for this course.

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You will need to purchase your own set of stones and heater in order to provide this treatment professionally.

Revision of relevant A and P

Major Chakras

Crystal Layouts

Hot Stone Massage- benefits

Contraindications to treatment

Equipment – managing your hot stones, clearing and using gems and crystals

The consultation and recording your client treatment

Revise Techniques – relax and warm

Giving a full treatment of the body using hot stones and gems

Techniques – cool down and close

The Healing Crisis

Client reactions and feedback


Choosing and buying gemstones and crystals

Buying a hot stone heater or heating bag and hot and cold stones

FOOTNOTE: Please check with your insurers prior to booking the course that the diploma will be accepted for insurance purposes. In addition you will require insurance regarding cover for Units 4 and 5. In addition. Please double check, stating that the course is accredited with IPTI.


Independent Professional Therapists International