Lymphatic Drainage Course MLD 1-Day Lymphatic Drainage Diploma must have existing Body Massage qualification (must include A & P & P)

  The intro course in lymphatic drainage course mld is based on the principles and practise originated by Dr Vodder the Austrian physician .Dr Vodder pioneered  the original and leading school for this technique is recognised internationally as the gold standard in lymphedoema training.. 

​The Basic lymphatic drainage course MLD introduces the student to the very precise movements of the skin that make this technique so effective. The Therapy classes then develop and adapt these techniques for the myriad of applications. Therapy 1 focuses on treatment muscular structures and at this level MLD can be used to replace most deep remedial techniques, delivering better results without pain for the client or stress on the body of the therapist.

The course manual is delivered online. The theory is contained within the course manual. Participants are required to read through the manual and complete an on-line test prior to the training day.

During the day of intense, practical training you will be taught varying techniques that the therapist  can incorporate into their massage or offer MLD as a standalone therapy

Lymphatic Drainage Course-MLD   Over view ~ This course is aimed at providing the qualified massage therapist with additional skills to enable them to offer MLD at a professional standard. An intensive course involving extensive hands-on work. The basic movements and their application to each body part are taught. The theory covers anatomy and physiology of the lymph vessel system, connective tissue, effects of MLD and contraindications. Lymphoedemas are described with an emphasis on the effects of MLD. Participants receive a certificate accredited by IPTI

Available at the following venues:

  • Derby
  • Draycott
  • Doncaster
  • Glasgow
  • Lincoln
  • Matlock
  • Nottingham
  • One-to-One by arrangement
  • Spa training by arrangement


What is lymphatic drainage?

Your lymphatic system helps eliminate your body’s waste. A healthy, active lymphatic system uses the natural movements of smooth muscle tissue to do this.

However, surgery, medical conditions, or other damage can cause fluids to build up in your lymph system and your lymph nodes, a condition known as lymphedoema

For clients that have had a surgery on or involving the lymph nodes which may be either compromised or destroyed, the care team and or  doctorwould probably suggest lymphatic drainage massage.

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Lymphatic Drainage AIMS

The aims of lymphatic drainage are to provide a treatment for lymphedoema that is comfortable and effective

When performing a lymphatic drainage, it’s important that the treatment would include more than just the affected area to be effective. The entire lymphatic system of the body, except the head, right side of the chest, and right arm, drains near the left shoulder, so a massage should include all areas to drain properly.

There are three stages to lymphatic drainage. These three stages are: stimulation of the reflex points relating to the clearing of the lymph nodes, clearing (opening) of the lymph nodes and re-absorption of the lymph. This course will teach you how to stimulate the reflex points along with the further two stages of  MLD

Example of lymphodoema to one leg