Oncology Massage Training Courses Offer professional training.

Oncology massage training using  Jennifer Young  and Weleda products which are 100% organic, Vegan and cruelty free. 

 Oncology Massage is designed for qualified Massage Therapists and Body workers. A LEVEL 3 CERTIFICATE is required from all and proof of this must be shown.

Available at the following venues:

  • Derby
  • Draycott
  • Doncaster
  • Glasgow
  • Lincoln
  • Matlock
  • Nottingham
  • One-to-One by arrangement
  • Spa training by arrangement

One in every two people will experience cancer in their lifetime and all therapists will benefit from our specialist training in oncology massage techniques.

As with any good massage session, an oncology massage is different for each person. Our oncology massage training course which specifies the use of  Jennifer Young and Weleda products  is a client-specific, customized massage session designed to meet the unique and changing needs of someone journeying through cancer or with a past history of cancer. A safe massage plan generally revolves around the side effects (both short- and long-term) of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.
Oncology massage training  and Oncology skincare treatments must only be provided by a therapist who has received training in the specifics of cancer and cancer treatment. When you are giving a massage designed for cancer patients, you are giving traditional, established massage therapy techniques that have been adapted to account for the individuals unique health situation in addition to using specific products designed with the cancer patient or former cancer patient in mind.

For price list click her: https://www.massagecertificationcourses.com/pricelist

Oncology body massage with prescription oils

What you will learn:

Correct old myths about massage and cancer. Earn clients’ trust by explaining how skilled massage therapy will not spread cancer.

Build your practice and join the expanding specialty of Oncology Massage. Open your practice to a population that needs your work.

Work safely and effectively with people during cancer treatment. Modify massage by pressure and technique. Develop your massage in order to provide fully clothed, couch massage, fully towelled couch massage, bed massage or sitting massage.

Work confidently with clients post-treatment. Know which side effects of cancer treatment can last a lifetime, and how to modify massage to avoid aggravating them. Use “The Quadrant Principle” to work worry-free with clients who are years out of treatment.

Build alliances with oncology clients and health care professionals. Leave with time-saving intake and physician communication forms. Learn when and how to communicate with the client’s health care team. Use our plain and simple scripts to teach clients and health care professionals about oncology massage.

Manage complex health information with ease and confidence. Learn how to work with oncology clients as well as other medical conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. Apply a handful of easy-to-use principles, rather than rote memorization of information, so you can focus on your hands-on connection.

Work compassionately, with full presence. Through the power of touch, experience the soulful impact of skilled touch, and the power of your simple presence in service to your clients.

Course Content

The course consists of pre – reading course manual, test paper, 2 full days of practical, hands on training plus final test paper - 9am to 5pm both days.

Home practise and case studies are required to complete this course.

Unit 1 - Introduction; a) opening your heart to cancer; understanding how cancer develops and spreads around the body (science). b) Understanding the varying forms of treatment. c) Understanding the stages of Cancer. Unit 1 is home study plus test paper

Unit 2 –Preparing the Client for massage. a) Client assessment. b) Pressure, site, position adjustments for clients undergoing chemotherapy. radiation or surgery. c) Understanding fascia, understanding lymph node removal. Understanding lymphatic drainage. Relaxation correct pressure Unit 2 is day one of the practical, hands-on training days.

Unit 3 - a) A full day of safe massage for clients including elements of both practical and theory. b) Taking oncology massage into your clinic and your community. c) Test paper

Unit 4 - Home practise. You will be required to keep a journal logging your practise treatments. The home practise does not require you to work with people that have a history of cancer. Home practise will enable you to gain confidence in your newly acquired skill. There will be no time limit attached to unit 4. Once you feel that you are fully confident, you may begin your case studies.

Unit 5 – Case studies. For this final unit, it is expected that you carry out your case studies on people that have a history of cancer, either actively receiving treatments or not.

FOOTNOTE: Please check with your insurers prior to booking the course that the diploma will be accepted for insurance purposes. In addition you will require insurance regarding cover for Units 4 and 5. In addition. Please double check, stating that the course is accredited with IPTI.

Licensing: Again, as with insurance, licensing laws are variable. For London boroughs, ALL boroughs that require a license are automatically accepted without the need for an exam IF the course is accredited by IPTI  Independent Professional Therapists International  https://www.iptiuk.com  We are one of only a few training schools that have accreditation with IPTI.


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