At  Massage Training Courses, our oncology skincare training course  is designed to allow you  to offer facials for cancer patients in your salon, clinic or spa.

Our specialist IPTI accredited oncology skincare training course will allow you to work with cancer patients and you will not require medical consent in order to do so. A simple disclaimer form will be signed by the client. You will be insured to work hands on with cancer patients

Available at the following venues:

  • Derby
  • Draycott
  • Doncaster
  • Glasgow
  • Lincoln
  • Matlock
  • Nottingham
  • One-to-One by arrangement
  • Spa training by arrangement

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This Oncology Skincare (Rose Quartz Facial) training course is a combination of home study, practical learning with a tutor supported completion of case studies.

To attend this post-graduate course, participants will need to have completed the Oncology Massage course.


This training is for the professional Therapists wanting to safely serve the needs of oncology clients. Skin care, facials and massage can safely be provided for people with cancer, and these therapies are frequently used to help manage cancer treatment related side effects, and to improve quality of life during treatment and recovery.

This accredited training introduces Therapists to the unique and changing needs of a clientele  journeying through cancer, whether current or historical. The participant will learn the skill and gain relevant knowledge to provide safe, therapeutic treatments.

The products used are specifically formulated for people that are currently receiving treatment, Defiant Beauty, and for post cancer, Beauty Beyond Cancer.

Course Content

The course consists of pre – reading course manual, test paper

1 full day – 10am – 5pm including practical, hands on training plus final test paper. Case studies will be required.

What you will learn:

Recognize the primary clinical considerations in providing skin care, facial and massage treatments for people in or with a history of cancer

Make informed choices regarding ingredient and product selection

Touch techniques and pressure requirements to suit a client’s needs

Identify and work with acupressure points useful in addressing common cancer treatment related side effects

Evaluate site and pressure modifications that pertain to medical devices, surgical procedures and drug treatment related side effects

Provide a therapeutic oncology facial on the workshop day.

FOOTNOTE: Please check with your insurers prior to booking the course that the diploma will be accepted for insurance purposes. In addition you will require insurance regarding cover for Units 4 and 5. In addition. Please double check, stating that the course is accredited with IPTI.


Independent Professional Therapists International